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Do you have favorite books and you want to read their in road?
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25 May 2010

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This is a program that converts text pages into graphics, like the page was scanned by a scanner. That makes the pages suitable for reading in Mobile PC, mobile phones and devices like the Zune.

This tool allows you to convert text pages into images so that you can read the material on devices that have only graphics capability. Mobile PC, mobile phones and portable devices like the MS Zune comes to mind. This tool lets you set parameters to tweak the image quality. The parameters include type of graphical file, resolution to be used for conversion, pagination, margins, font, color of text, line spacing etc. If there is a setting you particularly like or suits some specific documents then you can save these settings for future use. You are able to name the files the way you want.

These mobile devices are devices you carry all the time with you. This here program gives you the ability to convert text documents into image file so you could read them on them easily. The interface is simple and easy. It has four tabs on which you get the settings done. These are the file settings, page settings, text settings and FB2 Settings. After the output image format, resolution of the images, color, font, page number, position of the page numbers, configuration settings etc has been done, it is a one click conversion affair. The program supports doc, docx, txt, pdf, fb2 formats as input file. Without an application supporting the book reading type experience this kind of converted material may not be much use. Reading can become a little tedious.

Publisher's description

This tool allows you to "convert" text such way, that you receive suite graphic files like suite of scanned pages of book or magazine. It is often necessary when you want to read favorite book on MobilePC, which does not have ability to show text files, but only graphical i.e. Zune. This tool has many opportunities for settings output files: type of graphical file, size of file ("resolution"), pagination, margins, font, color of text, line spacing etc. Also you have ability to save favorite settings and load saved earlier.
Zune eBook Creator
Zune eBook Creator
Version 1.5.2
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